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Including php functions in MODX snippets

Including php functions in MODX snippets

When writing a snippet for MODX and you write a function, make sure to enclose the function definition in a conditional. For example, a function in a snippet named MySnippet could have:

if(!function_exists(MSmyFunction)) {
  function MSmyFunction() {
  } // end MSmyFunction
} // end function_exists

If somebody wants to call your snippet more than once on the same page, or in a template, now they can. Otherwise, if a function is already defined by the first use of the snippet, PHP will throw an error when it’s defined again in the second use of the function.

Example Snippet: Convert Hex Color to RGB

if(!function_exists(hex2rgb)) {
function hex2rgb($hex) {
   $hex = str_replace("#", "", $hex);

   if(strlen($hex) == 3) {
      $r = hexdec(substr($hex,0,1).substr($hex,0,1));
      $g = hexdec(substr($hex,1,1).substr($hex,1,1));
      $b = hexdec(substr($hex,2,1).substr($hex,2,1));
   } else {
      $r = hexdec(substr($hex,0,2));
      $g = hexdec(substr($hex,2,2));
      $b = hexdec(substr($hex,4,2));
   $rgb = array($r, $g, $b);
   //return implode(",", $rgb); // returns the rgb values separated by commas
   return $rgb; // returns an array with the rgb values

$rgb = hex2rgb($rgba);
echo $rgb[0].','.$rgb[1].','.$rgb[2];


[[ColorConvertRgba? &rgba=`d12027`]]


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